Goat $47

A goat just keeps on giving. No wonder it's our most popular gift. A locally-bought goat will give a family seven litres of fresh milk per week to drink and sell, as well as organic fertiliser for their crops. We're not kidding around - get your goat today!

Photo: Tom Greenwood
How does this gift help?: 

Goats provide families in Papua New Guinea with nutritious milk that they can consume themselves or sell at the market, and with manure to fertilise crops. Oxfam gives training on animal husbandry techniques to the families that receive the goats, so they are able to properly breed and rear new goats that can  also be sold on to other families in need.

“Goats used to be taken for granted because in our culture, pigs are more valuable. However, after being trained in goat husbandry by Oxfam, we can see goats are better because unlike pigs, we can use the meat, milk and waste.” Thomas Irai, goat farmer, Kopas village, Kudjip District, Papua New Guinea

Purchases of Oxfam Unwrapped Goat contribute to our rural livelihoods work in Papua New Guinea.