Plant 25 trees $25

This juicy card doesn’t just get you one poverty-busting fruit tree, it gets you plenty – delivered to a village where they’re needed most. These fruit trees, such as guava, papaya and coconut, can be harvested to raise funds for the community. Let’s see soap on a rope do that.

How does this gift help?: 

In East Timor, planting fruit trees such as guava, papaya and coconut, provides families with healthy food sources and a crop to sell.

These trees also work to combat the devastating effects of erosion because their roots hold soil on the hillside in place. More than 5,000 fruit trees, seedlings and non-food trees have been distributed to communities across Covalima and Oecusse, alongside training and support from Oxfam outreach workers.

“Communities have improved agricultural techniques and can grow enough food to both feed their families and earn money to pay for other household necessities, such as cooking oil, sugar and soap, as well as healthcare and school fees.” Lynne Kennedy, Livelihoods and Food Security Coordinator, Oxfam, East Timor.

Purchases of Oxfam Unwrapped Trees contribute to our rural livelihoods work in East Timor.