About us

About Oxfam UnwrappedOxfam believes that in a world rich in resources, poverty is an injustice that needs to be addressed. By being part of our work you will be helping us achieve a vision of a safer, fairer and more sustainable world where all people can enjoy a life of hope and opportunity.

Oxfam New Zealand works in the Pacific, Asia and Africa supporting people to access safe water and sanitation, to build a sustainable livelihood, to provide education and healthcare for their children and to live free from persecution and violence.

Oxfam is there responding rapidly to emergencies and helping keep survivors alive by supplying clean water and life-saving essentials. Then we stay for the long-term to ensure communities can rebuild and break the cycle of poverty that made them vulnerable in the first place.

We use campaigning and research to fight for a global agenda that is fair to the world’s poorest people, allowing them to realise their basic rights and the opportunity to live dignified and independent lives.

For further information on Oxfam please visit our website at www.oxfam.org.nz