Corporate gifts with a difference

"Apex Environmental considers it a privilege to give a gift each year through Oxfam Unwrapped. We decided that rather than give the usual corporate branded Christmas gift to our clients we would give something that is going to change people’s lives for the better. It’s easy and fun!"
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Ditch that bottle of merlot as a corporate gift this year!

Corporate Unwrapped offers a range of totally unique and ethical gift ideas for your clients or workmates that will also help transform the lives of people living in poverty.

When you give an Unwrapped gift to your clients or workmates, not only do you receive good corporate karma for choosing ethical gifts, you are giving communities living in poverty in the developing world the chance of a better life.  You also get to send your client or workmate an extremely memorable gift card explaining how their special gift is helping others in need.

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Ordering Your Corporate Package

Personalised option:

Our team can help you choose a Corporate Unwrapped gift package for bundles of 50+, 100+, and 250+ gifts.  These gift packages have been discounted exclusive to our corporate supporters to provide greater value to your organisation. 

Your gift cards can be personalised with your organisation logo and custom Christmas message.

Please contact Charlene Fitisemanu on 09 355 6501 ext 748 or email 

Here is an example of personalised gift card option (three-fold card with greeting space and company logo)


Where does the money go?

All items in the Unwrapped rage are used in our work, and the prices of each gift reflect the cost of providing them. Each has been identified as essential by the communities we work with.  To ensure your wonderful gifts go to where they are needed most there is some flexibility built in. For example, your purchase of a goat will be used for:

  • Buying local goats (this saves us a lot of wrapping and postage costs)
  • Getting them to the families they will be helping
  • Training families in how to care for their goats
  • Other essential parts of our rural livelihood work, like farming tools and training – helping impoverished farmers take the first essential step out of poverty.
  • The cost of producing Oxfam Unwrapped

Where a particular project is oversubscribed, please allow us the discretion to use the funds in a similar project.