Easter $15.00

No-one expects to get chickens as a gift and that's what makes this so great. The fact that they also provides families in the Pacific with an income, eggs and the ability to breed more chickens just makes it even better. It's a little gift that will change a lot.

Ruth hugs her chickens, Vanuatu
Ruth hugs her chickens, Vanuatu
How does this gift help?: 

"I feel so empowered owning this poultry business. It has given me a confidence I didn't know I could have because I can now earn a consistent income for my family," said Ruth, Vanuatu. 

Cyclone Pam was devastating to so many communities in Vanuatu. But because of the support of people just like you, Ruth and many others like her are able to rebuild their lives with chicken and poultry farms. 

An egg-cellent gift that provides not just chickens but farm materials and training so each poultry farm is a success.