Food hamper $28.00

Sure, you can say thank you to someone with a hamper -- that curried chutney would look amazing in their pantry for the next two years. Or, you could get a hamper that will help poor farmers get a fair price for the food they grow and consume. Right now. You know what to do.

Juliette with her harvest, East Timor
Juliette with her harvest, East Timor
How does this gift help?: 

You're helping communities in East Timor have enough to eat.

Juliette is proudly showing off her recent harvest. As a result of Oxfam's community gardens project she has more crops so when big winds and rain come she always has a food source to rely on. She sells the extra produce at the market providing a much needed income.

In East Timor, severe food shortages are a common threat.

Your gift is helping mungbean farmers learn skills like composting, which improves the soil and helps save water. This is helping farmers adapt to changing climates. You're also helping coffee farmers learn to dry, roast and grind their coffee, as well as gain fair trade certification which increase their incomes.