Goat $47.00

Fact: goats make people smile. And not just when a person unwraps their gift. Goats also make people living in poverty smile. When a goat is presented to a person living in Niger, they know that it can breed to create more goats, provide manure for growing food and can even be sold to pay for school fees or tools. Plenty to smile about.

Zarou with her Oxfam goats in Niger
Zarou with her Oxfam goats in Niger
How does this gift help?: 

"Before receiving my animal, life was difficult. My husband had nothing either. We had a goat two months ago. That gave birth and we now have four. Now I am taken care of," said Zarou.

For families living in Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world, a single goat can be the start of something great, just ask Zarou.

Zarou's family was one of those identified by her local community as being in the greatest need of Oxfam support. So, we gave her a goat. And now she's a budding business woman.

The goats' milk provides nutrition for her and her family, and Zarou is able to produce goats' cheese which she sells at the market to raise much-needed income. And over time, there could be lots more little goats which she can sell or pass on to other vulnerable families in her community.