Literacy classes $40.00

An ability to read and write is key to everyone's future. Literacy enlightens, empowers, inspires and increases a person's ability to earn a living. Your gift can help Oxfam to provide education for men and women to help them improve their knowledge and wellbeing, possibly changing their lives forever.

Alfinah attending a literacy class in Nqutshini village, South Africa
Alfinah Makasi Ngubane attending a literacy class in Nqutshini village, South Africa.
How does this gift help?: 

"The thing that motivates me most to continue with the class is that I can now read, I can write my name and I can count. I can dial the number on the public telephone; I can use a mobile phone. It has helped me in many ways. I can now help myself, rather than waiting for the children who are at school. It has really benefitted me," said Alfinah.

In South Africa, your support is helping people learn about literacy, nutrition and HIV and AIDS prevention and care.

Men and women are taught how to read, write, count and speak basic English. They learn valuable skills such as harvesting and storing safe drinking water, how to start a small business and establish a communal veggie garden. They also learn about health, equality between men and women and human rights.