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Maternal health care isn't always high on government agendas, especially when money is tight. But your gift will help Oxfam to press for better, more affordable health care so more young families can call on fully trained doctors, midwives or birth attendants - no matter where they live.

Salama and her baby boy Hama, 9 months, at their home in, Niger
Salama and her baby boy Hama, 9 months, at their home in, Niger
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"Now, nurses can wash our babies when they have diarrhoea. Everything is sanitary. It's huge progress. The clinic also runs health awareness sessions, so we can spot when a child is sick and bring them straight in. We're really grateful, Oxfam has helped us women a lot to support our children," said Salama.

More mums and babies in Azel, Niger are getting the care they need thanks to some help from Oxfam.

The Azel Treatment Centre is a small community health facility. Before Oxfam intervened it didn't have running water, which meant maintaining good hygiene was incredibly challenging.

But since Oxfam installed a water storage tank it not only has a plentiful water supply, enough to cope with 15 new babies a day, but toilets, sinks, and even a laundry area – everything Salama and her baby boy, Hama, need if he gets ill.