Seeds $10.00

Sow seeds for the future with the gift of a pack of seeds. A farmer who has lost his or her harvest to drought can get a fresh start by planting these hardy varieties of vegetables. Invest in rural communities and feed the hungry with this fruitful gift.

Mai Kelly holds seeds she has germinated, Papua New Guinea
Mai Kelly holds seeds she has germinated, Papua New Guinea
How does this gift help?: 

"I get the seeds, depending on the needs of the women and the community – what they want to grow. I bring them here and germinate them, then I teach the women how to grow them," said Mai Kelly, Oxfam partner Voice for Change.

In rural PNG, Oxfam is helping teach women how to grow a variety of vegetables. This generates healthier diets and a valuable source of income, which provides independence for local women.

As part of the programme, women receive financial literacy training and participate in savings and loans groups.

"The mothers tell us they have paid for their school fees. Some came and said, ‘We've built a house'. They were very happy. They were in tears and saying thank you. So we are really seeing that the women, they are doing something from these small sales," said Lilly Besoer, Voice for Change.