Two ducks, a pig and a goat $98.00

Two goats, a pig and a goats are incredible all on their own, so it's almost impossible to comprehend how stellar this gift is. With their powers combined, they'll make a huge difference to a poor farmer, their family and even an entire community.

Shumati pictured with her ducks in Bangladesh
Shumati pictured with her ducks in Bangladesh
How does this gift help?: 

"We have been selling duck eggs ... But we can also eat (them). Our food source is secure ... I can now pay for my household costs," said Shumati.

Livestock play a crucial role in livelihoods in Bangladesh.

By providing ducks to people who are in need, gifts like yours are providing them with the means to become self-sufficient and the ability to properly care for themselves and their families.

Many of the people who receive a duck from Oxfam use the money they earn to pay for their education which then helps them raise themselves from poverty.