How it works

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Gifts to change a future

When it comes to buying a great present, another pair of novelty socks or more bubble bath just won't do!

Choose an Oxfam Unwrapped gift like a piglet or a gardener’s pack, and not only are you buying a great gift, you’re giving someone living in poverty in the developing world the chance of a better life.

You can give your loved ones a card detailing the present you bought them, and your donation goes to those who need it most.

So use your pressie purchasing prowess to join us in overcoming poverty!

Where does the money go?

All items listed in this catalogue are used in our work, and the prices of each reflect the cost of providing them. Each has been identified as essential by the communities we work with.

To ensure your wonderful gifts go to where they are needed most there is some flexibility built in. For example, your purchase of a goat will be used for:

  • Buying local goats (this saves us a lot of wrapping and postage costs)
  • Getting them to the families they will be helping
  • Training families in how to care for their goats
  • Other essential parts of our rural livelihood work, like farming tools and training – helping impoverished farmers take the first essential step out of poverty.
  • The cost of producing Oxfam Unwrapped

Where a particular project is oversubscribed, please allow us the discretion to use the funds in a similar project.

Because you're helping Oxfam New Zealand fight poverty, your purchases are tax deductible. Once you've purchased your gift, you will receive a tax receipt either via email or by post.

When people are without food, water, shelter or the opportunity to support and educate their families, your Unwrapped support will be providing real and practical support. Thank you.

See how Oxfam Unwrapped gifts are making a difference

Success amongst the cabbages

In West Papua, we are working with communities around Lake Paniai to foster new agricultural skills and get crops to market. There’s money to be made growing cabbages, which had previously been imported from thousands of kilometres away. The initiative also allows growers to diversify their crops so that they are more resistant to extreme weather conditions, so people have enough to eat and sell all year round.

Your gifts such as Train a farmer and Vegetable seeds made a huge difference to farmers like Alphonse (pictured below). Thank you.